VP Leni visits remote Lubang, says people’s concerns will be prioritized by government

April 26, 2022
VP Leni during her visit in Lubang Island, Occidental Mindoro, April 26, 2022

Vice President Leni Robredo visited Lubang Island, an archipelago northwest of Mindoro’s northern tip on Tuesday, April 26, where she had won the vice presidency by a landslide in 2016.

It’s an unlikely stop for many political candidates, with a voting population of fewer than 15,000 people and limited transportation, but the presidential candidate has been keeping her promise that neither distance nor inconvenience will prevent her for reaching those in need.

“[B]ihirang puntahan ng mga kandidato 'yung mga maliliit na lugar dahil laging sinasabi na sayang ng oras, konti lang naman 'yung botante diyan. Alam niyo naman 'yun, di ba? Pero ako po wala sa aking maliit o malaki. Wala sa aking malayo, wala sa aking mahirap puntahan,” Robredo said at the event dubbed “Pasandal sa Isla: People’s Coalition Rally Mindorosas 2.0.”

Robredo said during her term as Vice President, she observed people in remote areas, faraway places, are thirsty for assistance from the government.

“[A]ng karanasan po namin 'yung anim na taon na Vice President ako na umiikot ako sa buong Pilipinas, lalong malalayo 'yung lugar, lalong maliliit, lalong mahirap puntahan, lalo din na uhaw na mapansin ng pamahalaan,” Robredo said, promising that if elected, she will be a president for all.

“Isang klase ng pamamahala na lahat mahalaga. Isang klase ng pamamahala na hindi kayo mauuhaw na mabisita kayo ng inyong national government officials,” she said.

Representatives from various sectors expressed their support for Robredo, while raising some of the issues they face on a daily basis.

The Vice President assured them their concerns will be prioritized by her administration, such as kickstarting a locally made fertilizer industry to keep prices under control in the agriculture sector. She also promised to provide livelihood support for mothers in the women's sector, as well as financial assistance to tricycle drivers and operators affected by the pandemic.

“Gusto ko sa inyong ipakita na pag ako po naging Pangulo, alam ko dapat lahat na problema niyo,” she said.

After the people’s rally, Robredo met with religious leaders at the Adoration Chapel, Our Lady of Assumption Parish, where she was prayed over by leaders of the church. She also dropped by to visit Lubang Mayor Michael Orayani at the Bahay Pamahalaan ng Lubang.  [END]

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