VP Leni: “May 9 elections are bringing out creativity of Filipinos”

April 17, 2022

Presidential aspirant Vice President Leni Robredo said the upcoming May 9 elections are showcasing the creativity of Filipinos, specifically through their gifts for their presidential candidate.

In a Facebook Live before last week’s Holy Week break, Robredo showed the gifts she has received during her visits and rallies to provinces for her campaign sorties.

"Parang ngayong eleksyon naging very creative 'yung mga tao," Robredo said, adding that she has gotten various kinds of pink items, representing the color of her campaign.

A room in her office is now filled with hundreds of gifts from Robredo’s supporters– from bags to clothes, to dolls and rosaries. She has also received local delicacies.

A customized figurine of her during the first presidential debates from a young girl, a portable light-up fan with Robredo and running mate Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan's name on it, and a couple of artworks are some of the things Robredo showed on her Facebook Live.

" 'Yung kabutihan 'yung mga binibigay sa atin talagang representative ng lugar," the presidential candidate said about the gifts.

For example, Robredo showed the dolls she received from Bukidnon, which represent the tribes of the province.

She added that everything that was given to her reflect the innate talent and creativity of the Filipino.

Robredo said there are plans to build a museum to house all these souvenir items, whether campaign-related or not, as a way of appreciating the Filipino’s craftsmanship and the Philippines’ rich culture.

"Ang balak ko ma-showcase natin para puwede na nga siyang parang museum na para sa mga bata. [H]indi lang mga bata pero pati mga matatanda," the presidential candidate said. " 'Yung appreciation ba ng hindi lang 'yung kultura ng lugar pero 'yung craftsmanship ng mga artisans doon."

Robredo said that she will also share some of the merchandise to supporters, especially those that were given in multiple pieces and sets.

"Isi-share din po namin ‘yung ibang mga merchandise dito...Papadala po namin sa headquarters, ‘yung mga interesado po punta na lang kayo doon. Basta meron, bigay lang tayo nang bigay. Para share the blessings," she said. "[T]hank you po sa lahat...dahil sa pagmamahal, sa inyong generosity.” [End]

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